Let the Countdown Begin!

Here is my first official post as an (aspiring) marathoner! This post represents the beginning of a long, and inevitably painful, journey. However unpleasant the road may turn out to be, I am incredibly excited to start. The goal is to be marathon-ready in eight months, starting from a now non-athletic and generally academic physique. I officially registered today for the Mount Desert Island Marathon that will be held on October 17th 2010, which gives me 246 days, 18 hours, 30 minutes, and 25 seconds until the official start…


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4 responses to “Let the Countdown Begin!

  1. Mom

    Way to go girlie! You can do ANYTHING!

  2. Cait

    You are a rockstar. And you know what rockstars need to do? ROCK OUT.

  3. Lori (MommaE)

    WOW!! I’m sooo gonna be at the finishline. Go girl!

  4. khara

    wooooo! you go girl!

    ill be there in spirit… and maybe driving next to you in a golf cart! haha

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