Map My Run.

[226 days to go] Trying to start training for an October marathon in February has been cold, wet, and difficult. Runners and bikers crowded the Charles River path on the few nice days in February, looking thrilled to have broken away from their indoor routines. The treadmill (oh, the treadmill) has been my route to fitness for the past four weeks, and the volume of gym-goers there tells me I’m not alone.

One great resource I discovered recently is a website called It is a compilation of local runners’ (wherever local is to you) outdoor routes. You can plug your own run into a google-maps-like application and then either keep it private for your own collection of secret routes, or you can post it for public viewing. You can also search for routes that others have posted by zip code – a very useful source for someone just starting out. I have run the same exact path about four times now. It’s time to move on.

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