[181 days to go] Tomorrow is the 114th Boston Marathon- one of the biggest races for true athletes. I myself will be watching from the sidelines, keeping my jaw from having too much slack. These people are the real deal – sublimely in shape with steel determination. I have been in the game for about 6 weeks now and have some (albeit, not full) appreciation of how much time and effort these individuals put into their training. While nothing can compare with the Boston Marathon in terms of energy and community participation, it will be fantastic to watch the race and mentally prepare for my own marathon in October.

I have some exciting news (since it’s been quite some time since my last post):

1. I bought the Forerunner 305! It has been phenomenal and has made the transition from indoor/treadmill running to outdoor running much easier. I thought that tackling the great outdoors would be difficult since you have to exert more energy to travel the same distance, but I find that I am more relaxed and less worried about dying before the end of the run.

2. The Man has decided that he wants to run with me! He signed up today for the MDI marathon, and it will be nice to have some company (and someone to appreciate the view with). He is more of a Mainer than I am, so he is a worthy companion for the trek. I think he’s just jealous of my new abs…

3. I signed up for the Boston’s Run to Remember half marathon on May 30th! Always good to do a test-run, eh? The run is straight through the streets of Boston and has roughly 20,000 participants. I think it will be an awesome sight.

4. I am up to 6 miles at a time – a new PR, which I am definitely proud of. I have gone from running a total of 10 miles per week, to a current weekly total of 17. Stop giggling all you real marathoners. This is big.

Happy long weekend! High-five Massachusetts.


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4 responses to “The REAL DEAL.

  1. Priya

    soooooooo proud of you Katie! You rock!

  2. jess

    Your doing great. Maybe I should sign up for that 1/2??

  3. UT

    no toe pictures??

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