Music, please.

[159 days to go] I’m officially bored of all music. Well, I should be more clear. I’m sick of all the run-worthy music that is currently inhabiting my ipod. When I started this epic marathon journey about 9 weeks ago (can you believe it’s already been that long?) I made an equally epic mix of every amazing, bass-thumping, fist-pumping song that I own, thinking that the mix would last me through training and right up to race day. And here we are. And I’m bored.

From scouting out other runners in the greater Boston area I have seen some people who are self-sufficient and don’t need music to run. Alas, I am not one of these people. Music has been critical to keeping me focused, interested, and having a good time running. I’ve found that I can be feeling slow and sluggish during a run, but when a good song comes pulsing through my ear buds I can’t help but speed up. Help me put that pep back in my step! I would love to hear suggestions from fellow runners on songs that are good enough to run to.

Imploringly yours,

The Boston Marathoner

[It wouldn’t be fair if this were just one way, so I’ll disclose my favorite running tune to date: “Percussion Gun” by the White Rabbits. If you like drumming, you’ll love this song.]


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7 responses to “Music, please.

  1. khara (aka jo!)

    heyyy!!! here are my current workout faves from me to my po-deezy…

    1) Britney. i know i know, but her upbeat songs keep me motivated… tops: ‘hit the lights’ ‘break the ice’ and me against the music’ ft. madonna!
    2) jason darula (sp?) – in my head
    3) and of course, my cd of Journey’s greatest hits live!

    and rock mix including trapt, linkin park, three days grace….

    • I know you love your Britney – I will definitely be adding her to my mix! And I would be lying if I told you that “Single Ladies” doesn’t get me pumped even after having listened to it for months…

  2. harebrainedcreative

    I have NO idea if you’ll like this band, but ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ were designed for running. Every time I listen to their album I’m pretty sure I should be sprinting somewhere quickly.

  3. Priya

    I get the same way…I had to keep looking for new music to motivate me, since I got bored of my latest mix within a week.

    The solution? Audio books! They really work, since you end up paying more attention to the story, and forget that you have to run for another 3 miles. I suggest something like Harry Potter, or any author that you can’t put down once you start reading.

  4. MAHM

    I have a bunch of good ones – alas – they are only good for 3.3 on the treadmill.

    If I showed up at the gym in flip flops they would kick me out. I have been kicked out 3 times so far for “unconventional” workout clothing.

    Didn’t your mother ever tell you – flip-flops are only good in a nacho shower or the beach – sheesh.

    PS I think I just put your rainboots in the trash.

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