Who needs toes.

[149 days to go] Major set back for next Sunday’s half marathon. I had a slight miscommunication with the rain yesterday morning on my way to work. Being in a rush, I grabbed my flip-flops to wear for the walk over, since I despise wearing wet shoes/socks, and my rain boots were hiding from me. As I was walking across a side street I slipped and starting to fall backwards. Being the gravitationally-inclined person that I am, I swung my left foot out in front of me as a counter-balance… and my foot kicked right into a concrete sidewalk. I hobbled to work bleeding (flap of skin dangling on the top of my left big toe = gross) and realized when I triage-d the injury that I had jammed the joint in my big toe and it was swollen, painful and hard to move. Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation. RICE. Rice. rice. ricericericerice.

I’m not sure if I will be ready by next Sunday but I will be the crankiest person in Boston if I’m not.


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3 responses to “Who needs toes.

  1. Momma E

    Damn flip flops……heal quickly!

  2. khara (aka jo!)

    po, what i have i told you about kicking inanimate concrete objects?? you never win! trust me, i try it all the time… i usually try beating up the wooden stairs with my ass, and i usually lose…

    hope the swelling is down!
    Loves! and keep up the good work! you are now my inspiration to get moving again…

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