Any excuse to eat a large bowl of pasta…

[140 days to go] Only 13 hours until the start of the half marathon! I am about to sit down to a pasta dinner with my family to do a group carbo-load… hopefully it will give The Man and I some extra energy for the hot hot heat expected tomorrow. I’m a little nervous about over-heating, especially with my previous experience with heat exhaustion, but my goal is finishing the 13.2 miles – not breaking any records. Here is THE PLAN for tonight and tomorrow:

7 pm: Pasta dinner! (om, nom, nom)

9 pm: Early to bed. Hopefully I will be able to fall asleep quickly and not be up feeling nervous

5:30 am: Early to rise! Eat a small breakfast of a banana and one small pancake (which The Man assures me he will be willing to make fresh in the morning – what a hunk)

6:o0 am: Apply sunscreen liberally & don super short shorts

6:30 am: Head over to the starting line, at the Seaport World Trade Center, and pick up number and race chip

8:00 am: Race time!

Here’s to the start of something good. Looking forward to updates after the race!


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3 responses to “Any excuse to eat a large bowl of pasta…

  1. Linda G. Poirier

    Katie –

    Enjoyed catching up on your blog. Great job! Great job in your accomplishments! You are an awesome woman!!! Hope the practice marathon went well. Can’t wait to hear from you.

    A few days ago at the gym I read an article from “Self” about a person who also was a runner. I believe you can look it up on line. She gives advice and what she listens to to keep motivated.


    Love you!!!!


  2. Linda G. Poirier

    Katie –

    Great job! You are an awesome woman!!! Can’t wait to hear how the ‘practice’ marathon went.

    Love you!


  3. Jess

    Good work girl! You are doing amazing!

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