After a brief hiatus…

[129 days to go] It’s now been over a week since the half marathon and (feeling sufficiently guilty) I finally ran again last night for the first time since the race. I was a little nervous getting back on the treadmill, thinking “was it a fluke that I was able to run such a distance? Will I be able to keep going and adding miles?” Despite my worries it felt GREAT. This morning I woke up in an exercise fury, making calendars full of workouts and mileage goals, and with a new plan to attack my nutrition.

I recently bought One a Day Women’s multivitamins for the “active mind and body” in an attempt to make sure I’m fulfilling all of my nutritional needs in the wake of all this training. I have always been against vitamins since I am of the opinion that you can get all necessary nutrients (and better ones) through a healthy and balanced diet. Additionally, I have heard far too many stories from friends about how they took a multivitamin on an empty stomach and it made them puke. I am puke-a-phobic, therefore I am mortally afraid of eating not quite enough before taking my One a Day. Aside from all that, I’m happy I made the move toward vitamins since your body uses  and needs more nutrients when training hard.

Along with the multivitamin I have added a couple of new things to my diet. I have replaced all of my white flour, pasta and rice with whole grains. I was resigned to the idea that my meals would now be marred by the sensation of eating cardboard, but I have been pleasantly surprised that nothing I have eaten of the whole grain persuasion has been even remotely cardboard-like. I should disclose that I am an eater of all things Kashi, which close friends have referred to as rabbit food. Read: I may not be the best judge of cardboard-like food items.

At every meal I have been working in more fruits and vegetables, more water, and have been cutting out the undesirables, namely dessert.  I have also worked in a number of other odd-ball, hippie food items including: Spirulina (for its numerous B vitamins and vitamins C, D, A, & E); quinoa (since it is a super protein-packed whole grain), and flax-seed (for Omega-3’s). YUM.

Here’s to super foods!


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5 responses to “After a brief hiatus…

  1. khara

    see, i love whole grains and think they have so much more flavor than white flour products!
    i dont get the whole card board reference…

    anyways, yay for new goals! i miss you lots!

    ps not working my bday weekend… lets make plans. okay? good.

  2. Dad

    Way to go Katie……eat healthy….live long and run fast! Love you.

  3. UT

    super foods are great but just remember – spirulina is pond scum – also, didn’t see RAVS on your list of must haves.

    Luv You

  4. JoeJi

    No Pasta !!!!

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