Week One (Lemony French)

[120 days to go] Well here we are again, at the start of another bout of training. This week marks Week 1 of the 18-week marathon training schedule, and I can’t believe I am only 120 days away from MDI. The Man and I are full of happy-go-lucky mushy sentiments about how exciting it is to embark on another awe-inspiring journey. The training starts out slow (a nice drop off in weekly mileage from the end of our half marathon training schedule) so everything is easy-going at this point.

Two recent points of interest:

1. The Man and I are going to Paris! We’ll be there for a week perusing the city, and will land in the midst of La Fete de la Musique. I could not be more excited. If I haven’t already divulged this personal information, I am a music junkie. I may not know all the words to most (any) songs, as one of my closest friends know, but I am not deterred. Aside from the music-listening there will be much eating of breads, imbibing of wines, and tasting of fine cheeses. Huzzah!

To keep up with the training schedule (since we’ll be there through Week 2) we’ve decided that in order to avoid prolonged stares, general gawking, and receiving The Hairy Eyeball from the French, we will do our runs in the early morning. And in keeping with French fashion, we’ll wear all black and smoke cigarettes. (Totally kidding on the last part.) I’ll keep you posted on how totally off-base I am to think we’ll run diligent we end up being while we’re there.

2. I made incredible lemon bars last night. (Thank you.) And I feel compelled to share them with you.

Disclaimer #1: This is not my recipe. However, I don’t feel bad revealing this fact (despite the re-direction of compliments, ooh’s and ahh’s) because it means that I get to introduce you to a seriously fabulous food blog, if you don’t know of it already. The blog is called Smitten Kitchen, and it is – as I said – fabulous. And here is the recipe for the beloved lemon bars. It is the perfect summer dessert. Enjoy.

Disclaimer #2: Remember a while back when I introduced you to pumpkin chocolate chip bread, and I made lots of healthy substitutions? I made none here. Reader: heed my small request. Enjoy the butter, the salt, the eggs, the flour… and then go for a run.  You will feel invincible. (Promise.)


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  1. khara

    Enjoy Paris my love! (or is it mon ami?) i am soooo jealous!

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