A single green bean, and a handful of cherries.

[108 days to go] Well, friends. Let’s enjoy some pure, unadulterated honesty for a moment. The trip to Paris (ah, Paris) posed the perfect opportunity to test my resolve to run, even during the most relaxing and fabulous of vacations. Well (as I’m sure you have guessed by now), I never ran. Not once, in fact.

You are most probably thinking: “Dang. This chick better get her act together… I mean, she’s tempting fate by running a marathon in four months…” I know – I totally feel you. The only thing keeping me from feeling completely and overwhelmingly guilt-ridden, is that The Man and I walked – all day, every day while we were there. Additionally, we consumed the following all day, every day while we were there: wine, cheese, baguettes, crepes, croissants, pain au chocolat, pain au raisins… you get the picture. Complete and utter decadence. Thus, the start of Week 3 of training has consisted of a vegetable diet and complete compliance with the training schedule. Hurray.

After the hiatus from running (we won’t mention how many days were missed), and the complete lack of healthy-eating choices over the past week, it was nice to throw the old Asics on again and hit the pavement. The quads are tight and complaining after a 4-miler last night at 8:30pm (to beat the heat and humidity) and then another 4-miler at 6:30 this morning – but it feels great to be back in a routine again.

You know, come to think of it – I did eat some cherries and perhaps a small pile of green beans sometime last week. Doesn’t count? Fine. I give.

Fresh cherries: go get yourself some.

On a side note, every summer I am overtaken by a serious obsession with fresh cherries. Their inescapable appeal is partly because of their delicious, crisp flavor, partly because they are only in season for a short time (which makes me want to eat them at every possible opportunity), and partly because I have wonderful memories of eating cherries with my mom in the summer as a young girl, spitting the pits as far as humanly possible off the back porch. Aside from all this goodness cherries are also packed with antioxidants, reduce inflammation and muscle pain (important for any athlete), and promote cardiovascular health. So, eat up!


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5 responses to “A single green bean, and a handful of cherries.

  1. Cait

    You know how I feel about cherries.

  2. MAHM


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