And the fashion police close in.

[107 days to go] I’m at that point again, where I come to a new phase of this running journey and I start itching to make a change (however slight). Usually when I want to mix things up I make a purchase of some sort, be it a watch or a pair of shorts. My most recent quest is for a water receptacle of some kind, since I’m well acquainted with the mind-numbing, rip-your-throat-out, Idon’tthinkI’mgoingtomakeit feeling of utter dehydration during a long run.

So. Here is my thought:

FuelBelt Trail Runner, 4-Bottle Belt

And now this is where I ask for help from the loyal readership… I desperately need fashion advice.  I’m all for gadgets and gizmos that enhance a run (aside from steroids, of course) but I’ve always had trouble with that fine line of what is just too much. I’ve seen runners wearing fuel belts, and numerous runners’ websites post sparkling review after sterling recommendation for these cumbersome and social life-staunching belts… but I need your advice. Any words of wisdom from runners who love/hate the belt, or have other watering techniques are welcome! And please – stop laughing. I can hear you guffawing from here.


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6 responses to “And the fashion police close in.

  1. Cait

    Have you thought about camel packs? They look a lot less nerdy than that fannypack thing you’ve got going there. (I say this lovingly, of course.)

  2. Fuel belts are great for very long runs, but for most runs you can get away with a simple hand held bottle. I have a basic 20 oz. bottle that straps to my hand and has a little pocket big enough to carry my car key, id, and a couple of dollars. This works great for a run or 1-2 hours. Cost less than $20.

  3. Jess

    The hand held water bottles are pretty good too.

    you get used to it, and its not a bother at all.

  4. khara

    hahahahahaha… yes im the one laughing..
    .i think if you get that thingy you should let me decorate it with sparkles or something…
    OR get a neon colored one. cause if your gonna rock the fanny pack, then ROCK the fanny pack!

  5. Um, how did I not know about this until now? Love it. You will rock this, dude.

    I have been debating this myself, on my 5 mile runs (I am slow but steady!) as having water along the way keeps me much happier, which makes me feel faster.

    I am looking for one with a small pouch (for my T pass, keys, a few bucks) and one small bottle. Does anyone know where I might be able to get one in the Boston area?

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