Have we met before?

[58 days to go] Hi. You seem familiar…? Oh, RIGHT. Hah. I remember now.

As you’ve most likely noticed (with your keen eye and sharp sensation of loss), I’ve been gone for a while. Both from blogging and, unfortunately, from running. It has been a whirl-wind of a summer and I have been realizing over the past month how difficult it is to keep a tight running schedule when life and summer and travel and work and school (and, and, and)  get in the way. So where have I been?

I had a fantastic birthday weekend (rewinding back to the end of July) where The Man and I voyaged back to the Mother Land. We had a four-day weekend of Maine bliss, which we affectionately refer to as the Epic Maine Road Trip Weekend. We camped, made fires, ate s’mores, dined on various seafoods, went on a lobster boat ride (no, I did not mistype that) and climbed Mount Katahdin – the holy grail of Maine mountains for serious climbers. This is the point where you exclaim: Boston Marathoner! I had no idea you are an avid climber-of-mountains. Were you scared to climb a mile high over boulders hovering above a sheer drop off?

I’m not, and you bet your ass I was. But how can you not appreciate these stunning views?

After coming back from the Epic Maine Road Trip Weekend I was sick with a killer chest cold. Snot, phlegm, coughs, sad weepy look. The whole shebang. So that was how I spent my 3-day work week, before heading back to Maine for my second 4-day weekend. How do I maintain a job while I am a clearly negligent employee, you might ask? We won’t tempt fate by approaching that question.

Is spent my second consecutive weekend of Maine bliss at my fantastic friend‘s camp in on a lake. For all you non-Mainers: the term “camp” refers to what some people call a summer home. We’re just not pretentious enough to call it that. Overzealous Maine-pride aside, it was a great weekend of good people, good food and generally feeling awesome.

Immediately after returning to Boston I had a toe issue. Another toe issue? You bet. It was even on the same notorious toe. Seriously, who needs toes? I’m considering cutting back to nine. So, for the past two weeks I have been dealing with an ingrown toenail, infection, blah blah, moving on… but it FINALLY is completely healed.

And that brings us to today. I’ve spent the past few weeks feeling increasingly anxious about whether or not I will be able to run the half marathon next weekend. Oh, and that big run in October. Right.

So here is the plan: Pick up where I left off. Set goals. Throw the Asics back on, and hit the road. Eat well, sleep well, and rock steady until October 17th.

Here’s to the next 58 days, and to having goals and hoping to (insert deity) you’ll meet them.

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One response to “Have we met before?

  1. khara

    hahaha i am so jealous of your maine excursions…with the hiking and camping… le sigh. i am also wicked jealous of you headin’ upta camp without me!

    also, if you are looking for someone to take care of that troublesome toe just call, i got yo back playa! i promise to only take off that one bothersome toe, well, i mean, three at the least…

    ps how have i missed eddy’s blog? i fail.

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