rise & shine

This morning I was finally able to get up and do a morning run! I know this should sound less than interesting at this point considering the morning run was my M.O. during the summer, but over the last few weeks morning after morning has been an epic smack-down.

I am unequivocally a night owl and will do anything I can to postpone the sun rising, or getting out of bed, which is what makes the morning run so difficult. I wake up to the alarm and my body feels heavy, as if I’ve sunk into the mattress – but in a nice, cuddly sort of way. Then comes the task of determining whether or not I’m going to open my eyes, because if I can’t open my eyes then I certainly can’t go running. Then the internal bargaining: I can just keep sleeping – I don’t even have to go to the effort of rolling over – or I could get up and run. What would you choose?

Once (if) I win this mini internal battle then I will get up (with my eyes closed) get dressed (trying hard not to put anything on inside out or backwards) and I will stumble (hopefully without looking like I’m embarking on a walk of shame) and will try to place one sneaker-ed foot in front of the other. And while this all sounds utterly horrific (why, you’re simply torturing yourself!) the best is yet to come. When you finish a morning run, stretch, shower, get to work, and finally sit down to have your coffee, you become overwhelmed with this swelling sense of accomplishment. And what better way to start the day?

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