run, run, run (pause) run.

My running these days has been mostly in fits and starts (much like my blogging) but I’m back and I have things to catch up on!

Rewinding back to the end of August…. the CHaD Half Marathon was fantastic. The more half marathons I do, the more I’m convinced that it is the perfect distance. You get to experience the excitement of a big event, get an adrenaline kick at the starting gun, enjoy New England scenery, have a moment of self-doubt at mile 10 (“why am I doing this to myself?”), until you hit mile 13, start cruising, and you approach the the most beautiful sheet of plastic in your life:

I gave a triumphant high-five to the emcee at the finish line.

Then you pick up your event t-shirt and swag bag at the finish line and start scheming about the next race you’re going to blow your expendable income on.

The course was incredibly difficult with about four very steep hills thrown in at torturous intervals. I’ve run a handful of races by now, and this is the only road race where at more than one point in the course no one person (not an exaggeration – really no one) was running. These hills were killer, and no one was even trying it. It was a 90 degree summer day, with very little shade or breeze, and the race didn’t start until 10:30am, which added another element of difficulty.

My time was a few minutes slower than my time for the Boston Race to Remember half marathon – but I walked 3 out of the 4 hills. Had I run them all (and survived to get to the finish line) my time would have been much shorter. Or at least that’s the story I’m going with.

So that’s where I’ve been, and here is the part where I give you the bad news. As many of you out there know, the beginning of September marks the beginning of the academic year (huzzah!). I started a class, started an internship (a part-time job) and am continuing to work at my full-time job.

WOW, BostonMarathoner, you are so incredibly dedicated to do all that work and still find time to train for a marathon! How do you do it?

Well, I haven’t. With everything going on, I’ve managed to continue with the short distance runs during the week, but those long runs (the most important part of training for a marathon) have been nearly impossible to find time for. So I’ve spent the last few weeks fighting my desire to just go ahead and do what I can to run the race, and convincing myself to do the right thing by being realistic and knowing my own physical limitations. The last thing I want to do is hurt myself, so I’ve decided that I won’t be running the MDI Marathon in October.

This blog is about running that race that now you’re not running reality! Right? It’s about life, school, work, and all the things that get in the way (like TOES, and summer trips, and chest colds), and that make it nearly impossible to carry on with a training schedule. So this is just another example of real life getting in the way of running.

Don’t be sad – you should know me well enough by now to realize that this is just the beginning. Did I mention that I’ll be running the Smuttynose Half Marathon next Sunday? Flat course + cool weather + free beer + rock fest at the finish line = I have no words. It will be amazing.


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3 responses to “run, run, run (pause) run.

  1. Jess

    Come run the full marathon with me in Vegas in Dec.

  2. khara

    well… look at it this way, now you have something to train for next year! who knows, maybe i’ll do it with ya….(yeah right!) but have fun at the next one, is it the superhero one? make a ballin’ cape!

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