I’m so happy to report that I finished my last half marathon, thoroughly enjoyed myself through the entire race, AND got my PR (2:10:40)! Running the Smuttynose half marathon was an awesome way to finish out the running season. I felt relaxed and comfortable throughout the 13 miles, and I had plenty of steam at the end to sprint to the finish. I wish I could say that it was because of my impeccable training and diligent eating in the weeks prior to the run, but in truth, the most important factors were the perfect weather conditions and the quality of the course.

The weather situation was even better than I had expected it would be. It was an absolutely freezing 58 degrees at 9am, and I was shivering away in my t-shirt and capris. This chill quickly evaporated once I started running, and I even appreciated the cool breeze that we got from being right on the water. The other great feature of the race was that the entire course was flat. There were two hills (that were advertised on the half marathon website as being a “little tough”) that were nothing compared to the killer hills from the CHaD half marathon course. This was a much easier race and I could not have been more pleased with my finishing time. Plus you can’t beat the amazing view of Hampton Beach, NH. We ran right along the boardwalk, and when we weren’t on the water the course snaked through beautiful heavy-wooded suburbs. This was the view for about half the course:

While there were many positives about the race, things were a little disorganized. The starting line was moved at the last minute, there was no announcement made that we were starting (I ended up following the crowd at the time the race was supposed to start), and the snacks at the finish line consisted mostly of beer, ice cream, and pizza. There was a small pile of bananas that I jumped on, but it wasn’t the kind of food I would typically go for. These points aside, I will absolutely do this race again.

It feels fantastic to be done with the major races I had on my plate, only because school and work are starting to really pick up again. I’m looking forward to cross-training and doing more yoga, pilates, step (any opportunity to wear spandex, right?) and short runs. Bring on the fall!

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