I finally got myself a new camera! I just couldn’t take it anymore, really. For the past three months I’ve been thinking about what kind I would want, the best brand, the features I would be most interested in, etc. I compared, contrasted, made metaphors – the whole deal. And then I just couldn’t stand looking at my previously posted pictures that were more orange than anything else, so I took the plunge. And my god, am I glad I did.

All of these pictures were taken at night, in our anti-overhead-lighting apartment. Don’t mind the pointless photo of random kitchen items…  I was just so excited to not have a jaundiced kitchen! And now you’ve officially met our two borrowed cats.

Happy Friday!


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4 responses to “clarity

  1. major congrats, that is a big decision. What is it??

  2. That cat is adorable! AH, I can hardly stand it.

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