earrings & magners

I had a great Friday night.

I’ve been looking forward to staying home and relaxing all week, which I absolutely did. Watched some Dexter, ate some dinner, curled up on the couch in my favorite sweatpants with The Man – all requirements for a night in.

And since I can never sit still for too long, I did something new that I’ve been dying to try. I recently took a short class in wire earrings, and I made my first pair on Friday!

I live near a very artsy part of Boston called SoWa, where there are artists’ studios, art stores, and a great fair called the SoWa Open Market, in the summer. I’m excited, since I’ll be going to the fair tomorrow afternoon with friends and family. I’ll get to peruse more art, snack on homemade baked goods, and look at antiques = excellent Sunday afternoon activities. The last fair is next weekend, which is a sign that fall is definitely here, as much as I don’t want to admit it.

After work on Friday I went straight to a small place called Bead + Fiber to pick up the necessary items: round-nose pliers, flat-nose pliers, wire cutters, headpins, 20 & 22-gauge wire, and of course – beads! I did some serious damage there, and spent about an hour looking at everything. It was hard to choose what to start with, and my customary indecision was in full-force. I landed on these two different types of beads which reminded me of the color of kiwis and their seeds. You could almost eat them, they looked so great.

I was enjoying myself, and even more so when The Man brought me a Magners cider, one of my fall favorites. Magners is all they sell for cider at our neighborhood store, but it was still a nice drink!

I started by making the base of the earring,

and then made the smaller beads,

which I attached to the base, so that they would cluster together.

They came together in about two and a half hours, and I had a great time doing it. I cranked some tunes (Stevie Wonder) and felt all creative. Most importantly, I love how they turned out. I was supposed to visit one of my best friends from college tomorrow, but my travel plans fell through. I made these for her birthday, so hopefully she will enjoy getting them in the mail instead! The USPS could surely use the business.

I had such a great time making these earrings, and can’t wait to get a chance to make more. Creativity is a large part of my personality, and I’m finding that it’s just as important to practice as eating well and exercising. It’s all in the balance.

Enjoy the weekend!


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4 responses to “earrings & magners

  1. khara

    i loooove them! Ive been wanting to make jewelry for a long time!! lets have a jewelry making party during my visit home…

  2. Linda

    Katie – The earrings look fabulous. The “seed” part of them looks like the ones you sent to me, which I am wearing today!!!

    Love you,


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