I feel like it’s been ages since I last posted. Really it’s because I’ve been itching to write about a certain something since Sunday (heavens, a whole four days ago). As I mentioned earlier, this past Sunday I went to the SoWa Open Market. This is a great fair because it manages to bring together some of my favorite things: food stands (hot dog stand, cup cake stand, other miscellaneous goodies) art (paintings, drawings, collages) crafts (jewelry, picture frames, knit items, homemade goods) antiques and a farmer’s market.

By Sunday morning I was overcome with anticipation. I had a full day of homework and to-do-list-attacking planned, and the Open Market was my haven for the afternoon. There were so many places to start (who can choose?) so I started with the artist tents.

I’ve seen this artist in previous years, and every time I walk past his tent I’m unable to stop staring. Typically, this is a socially unacceptable trait, but with art I think there is no better compliment. At least that’s how I reassure myself. This artist’s use of colors, his texture, and his subject matter are all so beautiful. I was also drawn to him because he was working steadily, fully ensconced in his own world, as if there weren’t an entire fair happening around him. This picture makes him look like he’s lying on his own painted beach.

The antiques section was packed with interesting things. I truly could have stayed there for hours. I found a set of bowls, wine glasses, a gorgeous refurbished hutch, some old polaroid cameras, a Hershey’s chocolate bar mold – none of which fit into my budget of 15 dollars. I forgot to hit up the ATM before going. All for the best, I’m sure.

The farmer’s market section was full of late-season produce, and everything looked enticing. My internal Rolodex of recipes was flipping around in my head at each table, as I was thinking of a zillion ways to use each delicious item. There were some interesting fruits and veggies, like these tiny, intensely-colored seckel pears:

and these gorgeous cipolinni onions;

which I couldn’t stop staring at. (Must stop with the staring). They were so little, and perfect!

I was surprised to see so many beautiful flowers there too – I loved the juxtaposition of these pretty pink flowers in the dingy gray box.

More veggies screaming to be mixed and diced, baked, fried, or mashed… (Rolodex = flip, flip, flip).

And then, when I thought things couldn’t possibly get better, I found a free-standing hand-washing station! The public health geek in me went weeee! So, clearly I had to take it for a spin. It was great, in case you’re wondering. That is a truly blissful smile.

In the end I couldn’t resist the cipollinis. I found myself this antique colander, and they just looked so good together. I had to take them both home.

And tomorrow I’ll tell you what I ended up doing with these gems…

Still loving my camera and it’s photographic-magic. Good night!


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2 responses to “SoWa

  1. The handwashing station is pretty cool. A definite must-have when the food truck festival came to SoWa.

    Also, your pictures are fantastic. 😀

  2. great shoots 🙂

    have a nice time!

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