I know. I cried too.


Let me start at the beginning. When I was walking home after work last night I was thinking about apples and fall pastries. My coworkers and I had a lengthy discussion in the afternoon about cider donuts, and I was in the mood for something fall-appropriate – so I decided to make my favorite whole wheat apple muffins. They don’t come close to the buttery, melt-in-your-mouth delicious beauty of cider donuts, I understand, but I decided not to risk full-body oil burns from a pot of boiling fat on my stove top. I am (aside from the glaring photo above) a cautious person, after all.

I made it home and set out to making my apple muffins, and I had grabbed my camera to snap a few shots of the process, as I tend to do. A few weeks ago I ordered Molly Wizenberg‘s book “A Homemade Life,” and it finally came in the mail yesterday. I quickly read a few pages before starting the muffins (it’s already a great book) and then I set it on top of my coffee maker, so I could have room to work amid my ridiculous lack of counter space. I got out bowls, flour, sugar, started mixing and measuring, and everything was as it should be. I set my camera on top of my coffee maker (like I’ve done a zillion times) to make sure it was safe, and set it on top of Molly’s book.

The table that I use as my counter space + dining table is pretty ancient. It’s the kitchen island from my childhood house, and was purchased when I was about eight. Needless to say, it’s a little wobbly.

I came to the point in the recipe where you cream together your sugar, brown sugar and butter. Since I am my own hand-held beater, I started stirring that thing like crazy. Here is where you’re probably yelling “look up! look up!” Well, I had no reason to since I was in my element, doing my normal thing, being completely unsuspecting. All the while my {camera + book} were slowly shifting, shifting, shifting...

…until the whole thing toppled off the coffeemaker, and landed on my salt shaker.

I picked it up and quickly did a once-over, and found that nothing was obviously cracked, broken, or otherwise mangled. I let out a heavy sigh and thanked whatever Camera God was watching over me. Anyhow, it had only fallen a few inches, and it’s a beastly thing. I turned it back on to take a few more pictures, and this was the image that popped up on my screen:


I actually sobbed when I saw the screen – I was just so mad at myself for letting that happen. But what can you do. I’m sending it off today to get fixed, since it will take about two weeks.

At least I was able to console myself with fresh-out-of-the-oven apple muffins. They were delicious. I promise to share them with you sometime soon, when I can take a pretty picture of them.



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3 responses to “disaster

  1. MAHM

    well, you know what they say – S.C.D. I liked your handling of the sitch, though. Very good work! Jo sez “do you know WHY??”

  2. MAHM

    p.s. sobbing and eating, although my first response to an emergency, is probably a choke hazard, and therefore not endorsed by this writer.

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