two fat ladies

There is something that I’ve been meaning to share with you. Something essential in your life, that you didn’t even know was missing.

Behold: The Two Fat Ladies cooking show… really incredible stuff, especially if you already have a fondness for cooking programs. The show features two British cooks, Clarissa! and Jennifer! (that was my attempt at typing the British accent) who cook hefty meals with hefty humor. Some of their recipes feature butter, rendered fat and drippings, anchovies, raw eggs, and unpasteurized milk products. Mmmmm. While their recipes aren’t always waist-friendly, and sometimes unappetizing, their hilarious banter is what makes this show a gem.

There’s really nothing like this show. The opening trailer is of Clarissa and Jennifer driving their “double-wide” Thunderbird motorcycle and sidecar… how can that not pique your interest? Keep watching until you get to the part about the “randy vegetarians.”

Buenos dias, indeed.


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6 responses to “two fat ladies

  1. Yes, I can see it now, you going into a complete frenzy over lentils that you just need to EAT THEM NOW. 😛
    These two are like the British version of Paula Deen. With lots of cute adjectives for the food they are making.

  2. Jess R

    not to be a bummer, but you know that Jennifer died right?

  3. khara

    oh my god, i used to watch this show ALL THE TIME!! i saw their opening credits once, with the motorcycle and side car and have been watching them ever since! they were my favorite cooking show, and then i got into paula deen. who is only ever so slightly a healthier version of them… minus her deep fried mac and cheese!

  4. MAHM

    Grannie Jo wanted an AGA COOKER for her house in VT.

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