pomegranate, deconstructed


One of my all-time favorite fruits is the pomegranate.

Look at this thing – how could you not love it?

I dare you to find me a fruit that is more colorful, more sweet & tart, more hands-on, and more interesting than the pomegranate.

It’s like fruit-fireworks.

Although sometimes intimidating, the pomegranate is completely conquerable. Just don’t wear white.

It also goes well with flannel. Very fashion-savvy.

It can be quite elusive. You have to dig deep – be careful not to miss anything.

Be sure to fit as many seeds in your mouth as is physically possible, to get the full effect. Finally, spit out the half-chewed seeds, in an artful manner, and proceed with the rest of your day feeling {happy}. It’s a completely normal side-effect.


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2 responses to “pomegranate, deconstructed

  1. I love ‘deconstructing’ a pomegranate! Let no seed be missed or a drop of the sweet nectar be shed! It’s a very precise art you know.

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