november resolutions

In the spirit of November resolutions (yes, this is a thing) I am totally revamping my gym schedule. A few days ago my amazing friend and I decided that we were going to change the way we schedule our day, completely. We both stay up too late at night and wake up with too little time before work in the morning. We’d both separately been thinking about going to classes at the gym before work, and when we realized that we were on the same page we decided to go for it.

This morning we dragged ourselves out of bed for a 6:15am spinning class and met bleary-eyed at the gym, me with my shirt on backwards and she having raced up and down the stairs of her apartment three times for forgotten items. After finally settling in (I forgot my towel, she forgot her water) and rubbing the sleep wrinkles out of my face, we started spinning. I’ll spare you the details, since spinning is pretty uninteresting when you’re not there, but I will say that I feel fantastic. My body is tired, my mind is awake, and I have 45 minutes to kill before I have to even think about getting ready for work.

I think I’m going to like this.

We’re going to meet for classes four times a week, for starters, and build up (if we can stand it). I’ll let you know how I feel tomorrow morning… I may be a little less excited.

Two more things:

1. This weekend I learned how to cook an entire Thanksgiving dinner. Including dessert. My mom taught me some tricks and some family recipes. I will unveil this feast soon.

2. On Sunday I decided to try a new class at the gym. For those of you who go to Healthworks, you must take the Gravity class. This was the most intense workout… ever. I am in pain. Here is the only image you need:

It’s like a medieval torture device.

On that note – happy Monday!


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