Hi there – I’m Katie. I’m a public health graduate student trying to find balance in my wild life. I live in a tiny apartment with a tiny kitchen in the South End of Boston, and it feels like home. I live with my long-time boyfriend (“The Man”), and two borrowed cats that we do plan to give back, eventually. I work full-time, take classes at night, and still try to exercise, eat well, and find time for sleep – something that we all strive for.

Public health professionals, and others in the medical and nutrition fields, have an incredible amount of information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle. Study after study has been done to determine what people should and shouldn’t do to be healthy, but these behaviors are often much easier to read on paper than to follow in reality. Behaviors are difficult to change, and people don’t necessarily want to uproot their lifestyle to improve their daily choices.  The entire purpose of this blog is to encourage myself to try new things – whether it be new foods, new exercises, a new outlook – and to find a balance among all the components of my life, to end up with a healthier lifestyle.

Contact: Feel free to comment on any posts, or email me at: thebostonmarathoner@gmail.com

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